Indelible FS

The Open Source Storage Management System

Storage is one of the key components of information technology.  Today’s storage landscape is confusing with many different hardware and software products needing to be integrated together to provide a working infrastructure.


At iGeek, we've taken a look at the complete storage problem, applied our experience in supercomputing, cloud storage and desktop applications and produced a solution that can handle all of your storage needs or any part of your storage needs. That solution, Indelible FS, includes and automates core functions such as allocation, backup and data deduplication, providing those functions across the entire storage infrastructure, whether you're using object storage, virtual machine images or plain old files making your storage infrastructure simpler, more reliable and cheaper.


Indelible FS provides a complete storage system, including traditional file system, object storage and virtual disks.  It is scalable, distributed and easy to use.  Indelible FS integrates backup and data deduplication into the basic file system removing the need for additional software for data safety.  Indelible FS is distributed, caching data where it needs to be accessed automatically.

Indelible FS is designed to be scalable from single server to cloud scale.  It enables the use of commodity hardware with enterprise level stability through advanced software design.  Indelible FS is well suited for cloud providers and is designed to manage storage at the petabyte level and beyond.  It has support for secure multi-tenant operations built in, unlike most storage systems.  It is also designed to support hybrid operations, allowing users to store data in their local systems and backup or offload to a cloud provider.


It's the 21st century - isn't it time you stop using a storage system designed in 1970?


Indelible FS is integrated with the Wakame-vdc cloud computing framework as a storage provider. Integrations with additional cloud computing frameworks are in-progress.


Indelible FS is released under the Apache License, and is freely available to use and modify.  Indelible FS runs on Linux and supports Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and Centos.

iGeek, Inc. provides paid support and consulting for Indelible FS. Please contact info@igeekinc.com for more information.


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